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You deserve a representative who will work with your best interests at heart

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You deserve:

A decent working wage

You should not have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. When elected, I will work to repeal the so-called “Right to Work” laws that hold working people back.

Safe and uncongested roads

We must find ways to incorporate rail into our freight network to make our highways safer.

A strong education system:

Where children receive a broad education and are prepared for the real world when they graduate.

Broadband internet access

Common Sense gun safety laws

And a ban of Assault Style weapons because we value human life over guns.


Including mental health care and substance abuse treatment for all who need it

The Right to Choose

The government has no business in your personal decisions regarding your health care.

Clean Air and water

Vote for me and I will work for you!

I Support Human Rights

A woman’s right to choose

A worker’s right to a living wage

A child’s right to a Safe and broad education

Everyone’s right to the pursuit of happiness

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Quality of Life Issues

  • Common Sense Gun Safety Laws to keep our loved ones safe from senseless gun violence
  • Ensure District 1 Gets Our Fair Share of Broadband Funding, which is Essential
  • Safe Drinking Water &  Protection of Our Historic Shenandoah River and other waterways in our area
  • Ensure SD1 Gets Our Fair Share of State and Local Recovery Funds From The Pandemic
  • Secure Grants to Prevent & Protect Communities From Wildfires

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for all

  • Increase incentives to train more health care providers from nurses to technical covering both mental health, substance treatment, and other critical areas.
  • Ensure that the 1st District is getting every penny of its share from the $530 million opioid settlements including the additional (abatement) funds – i.e. grants, donations, and other assistance.
  • Protect the Medicaid Expansion which saves thousands of lives in Virginia each Year
  • Expand availability of mental health and substance abuse treatment options, particularly in rural areas.

A Safe and Effective Transportation System

  • Emergency 1-81 Summit that will include Federal, State, and Local Officials
  • Hold conference calls with local officials to discuss and ensure resources are made available for future projects & needs

I Honor Our Veterans

  • Ensure that our veterans have training opportunities to enter into highly skilled manufacturing jobs
  • Ensure transportation resources for our veterans
  • Establish a veteran-owned housing facility to give our veterans ownership of an apartment if needed that then would be given to another veteran. These programs are in place elsewhere and this would provide a critical housing need for our rural veterans.

I will work to Grow Our Economy - Agriculture, Manufacturing, Bioeconomy & Outdoor Economy

  • Ensure family farms continue with more robust grants for both preservation and continued operation
  • Focus on Regenerative Agriculture, Hemp & future opportunities.
  • Grow our manufacturing by ensuring a skilled workforce by increasing access to trade schools that offer highly skilled training to meet the workforce demands of modern-day manufacturing
  • Improve access to capital for small businesses by addressing red tape ensuring longer-term investments in our District.
  • Repeal dated and burdensome regulations